Monday, January 19, 2009

First Book - The Shack

The first book will be "The Shack". I have this post here to allow for comments if so desired. Please be charitable and respectful in all comments.

Some Decisions

For going ahead these were the decisions that we made tonight.

We will meet at the church every 2 months on the third monday of the month.
I will be the host for the first book discussion and we will pick someone to host the next discussion at the march meeting. The host will pick the book and be responsible for the theme, discussion and refreshments (doesn't mean that they can't have help with this).

For the March meeting we will be reading "The Shack" by William P. Young which can be found on Amazon at The Shack
This is a challenging book and will require us to remember the tenets from the first post. I think everyone who reads along with us will enjoy the book and get a lot out of it. I will be posting a holder for The Shack so that comments can be added if desired.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Book Club Start

This is the first post for the new Covenenant Book Club. As of now we have not made the decisions that will determine the shape of the book club, we haven't even met the first time. The definition of the book club will be decided by the answer to a few questions:

1. How often will we meet?
2. How will we pick the books that we read?
3. Who will host the book club each meeting?
4. Where will we meet?

Once these are decided we can then lay down some guidelines that will be important as the club progresses. I think foremost is that we must remember that we are a Christian book club and we should pick the books based on that understanding. This does not mean that all the books must be written by Chuck Swindoll or Max Lucado, but we should not pick books that are racy or inflammatory or indecent (I know tough to define at times). Another guideline is that we need to exercise grace in our discussions at all times. Differing opinions are why you have book clubs in the first place, if you all think the same thing then the book club is unnecessary. And the last that I will list here is that we need to be open to sharing our own personal experiences with the rest of the club as it relates to our discussions of the books.

I am looking forward to the start and I know we will all have a good time doing this. God Bless You brothers and sisters.