Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Generous Justice

That was a great book.  I must admit that I started off thinking that he is really going around in circles to prove a point that would have been easier to take on directly.  What I found though was that he was not so much making a point as trying to get people to think, discuss and maybe even change.

His tying justice and righteousness to disadvantaging one's self for the advantage of the community was brilliant and his examples were very insightful.  Weaving one's life into the fabric of a society that has broken down and people are falling through the cracks was an amazing picture of what he was trying to say.

I would say that his list of notes and references at the end were almost as impressive as his discourse.

So what did everyone else think?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

2- yes I said 2- books this time

Breaking with tradition or possibly starting a new one- we have decided to go through 2 books this time.  This was brought on by the prolific readers that we have in the group.  We will comment on 1 at the club meeting in November while the other we will go over with the blog.

The book that we will discuss at the meeting will be...
Here's Looking at Euclid"
A book about the beauty of math.  I am hoping to inspire some of our literal "rocket scientists" to come out and visit with us.

The book we will comment on in the blog is...
Generous Justice
An intriguing look into what exactly justice means and what Jesus has asked us to do as Christians.

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