Commenting on Posts

When Commenting:

In the box that contains the post you wish to comment about:

1. Find the link that say comments- it is preceded by a number (that is the number of comments already added for the post)

2. Click the comments link

3. Type your comment in the box under Post a Comment

4. Click the drop down for Comment as and select a profile that you want to use. If you have a gmail account you can pick google, or you could pick any of the others you have an account with. If you do not have one of those accounts or don’t wish to use them to comment pick anonymous. If you pick anything but anonymous it will ask you to login to the account you picked.

5. Click Publish. If you want to check yourself you could click preview to see it first. You would still need to click publish to actually publish the comment.

6. You will then need to type in what you see- this is to prevent spam. You are proving yourself to be a human to a machine- really.

7. Now its published.