Saturday, February 25, 2012


I must admit I am not far along in the book.  According to Kindle 10%.  What a great historical reference.  Makes many things about WWII much clearer and that is only in the first 10%.  This should be a great one to discuss just from the things that we will learn.   The study of Bonhoeffer's character and characteristics will be compelling as well.  I wonder what I will learn about the plot to assassinate Hitler as well.  Has anyone else gotten further in the book?  What do you think?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Population 485

I just finished reading this book.  I would highly recommend reading if for no other reason than to read some honest discussion of life topics.  Purpose, family, life, heros, outcasts, and even death.  It is at times funny and at times sad, and even throw in silly and deep.  I need to tell you that the calls he goes on are actual retellings and the people are real. For this reason there are times when the language may get less than wholesome.  It is in character and adds to the understanding of the people involved without being overbearing.  There are several places where I highlighted phrases or sentences that he uses as they were very wise or poignant.  One example is this: "... any behavior that excuses us from acknowledging the complexity of human experience resides one slim remove from smug disdain"  Another is this: "Memory is a means of possession, but eventually, the greatest grace is found in letting go."  Some were funny as well "I was chugging along here last fall when I was forced to the shoulder by a pack of Amish youths cruising down the hill on RollerBlades.  There is really no way to prepare for that sort of thing"  The book really brought home that life is "not easily counted off  and neatly arranged".  It also shows that some of our most humiliating and stressful times may turn out to be our most heroic moments and counter to that some events allow "pigpen boy" (you'll need to read it to understand that) to come out.  I found myself using the dictionary on amazon a great deal while reading.  For a simple country boy, he sure uses some esoteric (I love the word esoteric, it seems to define itself)  words.This is a great book to hear honest opinions and deal with the fragility, the beauty and the ugliness of life as a human.  It puts emphasis on meaning and purpose stresses respect for and patience with others.  I hope you all get a chance to read it.  I hope you can overlook the language as character setting and really think about what everyone goes through as they live life.