Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars

This book was really a good read.  Sad at many places it is a great way to see what it might be like to be a person dealing with cancer in the first person or vicariously as a parent or friend.  The thoughtfulness of the writing along with the interspersed humor that allows you to digest it was extremely well written.  I will warn you that there is some language and sexual situations in the book, but are not out of what might be expected in the circumstances.  The book will give you something to think about when dealing with those who are dealing with a terminal diagnosis or dealing with the uncertainty after escaping death.  While the book is a Young Adult book, it is very readable and quite intelligent, even using large words for the teenagers.  There are many interesting lines throughout the book that I will dedicate a post to at a later time.
I got a chance to see this movie with my daughter just last night as well.  She did ask to leave in the middle because she knew it would be sad, but we toughed it out together.  She and I both cried like when we read the book.  I was silent, she ....  well a little less than silent, but she wasn't out of place.  While the movie is close to the book it leaves some interesting pieces out such as the defining of the title scene by not even mentioning Julius.  I think if you read the book ahead of the movie there are scenes that will make much more sense to you than those who have not read the book.
This is a great book to read and I hope we stimulate a lot of discussion.  I do think that the discussion may be emotional at time so I hope we are all up for it.