Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Meeting and a New Book

We had a great meeting last night and a great discussion during this. Thanks to the Pastors that allow for discussions that range far and wide and sometimes don't have pretty packages or neat endings. Please use the links that I have posted to the right to find more on Frederick Douglass and even discover some of his other writings. He is a very inspirational person in not only his success but in his demeanor and grace in action.

The next book for the book club was decided after much discussion and the lot fell to What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity by Bill Gilham. We hope to see you there next time to discuss this book. It might be a real eye opener to all who read it and the discussion of its concepts are bound to be very uplilfiting. We will meet next on January 18th at 7PM for a the discussion of the book. See you there.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Frederick Douglass

Sorry I waited so long to post. I have been occupied with working on retreats and have neglected my job here. We get to go over The Autobiography of Frederick Douglass tomorrow night when we meet. I must admit that this is a difficult book to read through, but not because of its length. Sometimes it is hard to imagine how wicked we as humans can act towards others but history shows us that we are capable of this and have shown a propensity to do so.
I know this was not meant to be a Bible Study but this certainly is a good representation of how sin can enslave us all even those who think they are the ones in control. I hope everyone got to read the appendix that Mr. Douglass added to the book later.

God Bless,
See you tomorrow.